Cloud Service

Thrive amid changing markets, and unforeseen security conditions with GigaCloud.

Simple + Easy

Our GigaCloud® Software as a Service (SaaS) offering powered by the Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) ecosystem is easy to deploy for scalable security and persistent email and document support.

Safe + Secure

Endpoint security and robust encryption give you control over who accesses sensitive information at rest, in transit, and in use. Data OverWatch analytics makes monitoring and reporting effortless for better insight into activity and improved compliance.


Anywhere, Any Time

Make greater collaboration possible without the fear of compromising data. Sync and share across devices via our platform for a steady stream of secure internal and external communication.


Hybrid and On-Premise

GigaCloud® can be configured to support any environment, providing the flexibility for your company’s collaboration preferences – today and tomorrow.

Is your content properly protected?

Improved information governance requires balance between demands for both productivity and security. Find out what you need for secure collaboration that brings peace of mind – and how GigaCloud® can help – in our latest video.

GigaTrust Video

Endpoint Security

GigaTrust secure cloud-based content collaboration service protects native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and emails – at rest, in transit, and in use. Support is offered for the following devices:​​​​​​​

Mobile Android

Protects / Consumes / Edits native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and emails.

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Mobile iOS

Protects / Consumes / Edits native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and emails.

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Desktop Client

Protects / Consumes / Edits native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and emails.

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Data OverWatch

Endpoint Security Content Tracking, Monitoring, Data Analytics, Policy Management, Usage Rules and Automatic/Manual Protection

“Our intellectual property is what drives our business value and with GigaTrust we know when we share our Office and PDF files with our partners that ‘For Your Eyes Only’ really means something.”

- Information Technology/Software company

“Our clients depend on us to deliver the right security strategy and GigaTrust is our go-to solution to ensure content is protected when sending/receiving and using information on mobile devices.”

- Professional Services Firm

“Sharing our drawings and trade secrets with our partners and clients is critical to our business success and GigaTrust allows us to do this confidently without information leaks or loss of time to the production schedule.”

- Manufacturing Company

“Dealing with proprietary information and designs, our foremost concern is to ensure our communications and documents are secure. After a lengthy evaluation process, we decided that GigaTrust is the partner we can trust to implement persistent content protection.”

- Electronic Design Firm

“We share critical financial information every day that affects markets across the world, communicating with our partners and clients knowing that only those people we’ve selected can view this sensitive data — GigaTrust lets us sleep at night.”

- Financial Services Company


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