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GigaTrust Announces Availability of Adobe® Rights-Management Protector for Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007)

SharePoint 2007 Users Can Protect Adobe PDF files Using Microsoft Windows® Rights Management Services (RMS) in Conjunction with MOSS 2007

Herndon, VA—April 8, 2008 —GigaTrust, the leader in Enterprise Rights Management solutions, announced today it will offer the first and only Adobe Protector product that converts PDF files to RMS format when the user downloads them, and then converts those files back to non-encrypted file formats when the user uploads them for storage in the document library using Windows SharePoint Services, one of Microsoft’s most successful products. GigaTrust Adobe Protector will be part of the Intelligent Rights Management™ family of products designed to embrace and extend the Microsoft RMS platform beginning in June.

“This product allows GigaTrust to expand our offerings to those who want to ensure that their Adobe files are also secure,” said Bob Bernardi, chairman and CEO of GigaTrust. “It is another example of how we are constantly researching ways to ensure that our enterprise customers’ intellectual property and other work product are protected inside and outside the enterprise.”

GigaTrust, by using the extensible RMS architecture in Windows SharePoint Services, is creating custom protectors such as the GigaTrust Adobe Protector. GigaTrust plans to announce additional custom protectors and native viewing capability for a variety of CAD applications, including Autodesk, Dassualt Systemes (Solidworks®), and PTC, as well as other file format protectors and viewers for Microsoft® Office Visio, Adobe® Flash®, and over 40 additional popular formats.

Traditionally, sensitive information can only be controlled by limiting access to the networks or computers where the information is stored. After access is given to users, however, there are no restrictions on what can be done with the content or to whom it can be sent. Windows RMS enables you to create a persistent set of access controls that live with the content, rather than a specific network location, which will help you control access to files even after they leave your direct control.

With Windows SharePoint Services, RMS is available for files that are located in document libraries. Site administrators can elect to protect downloads from a document library with RMS. When a user attempts to download a file from the library, Windows SharePoint Services verifies that the user has permissions to the given file, and issues a license to the user that enables access to the file at the appropriate permissions level. Windows SharePoint Services then downloads the file to the user's computer as an encrypted, rights-managed file.

Because companies often have restrictions that require their files to be stored in non-encrypted formats, Windows SharePoint Services does not store files as encrypted, rights-managed files. However, Windows SharePoint Services calls an RMS protector to convert the stored file to an encrypted format each time a user downloads the file. Similarly, when a user updates a rights-managed copy of a file, Windows SharePoint Services calls the appropriate RMS protector to convert that copy to a non-encrypted format before it is stored.

About GigaTrust

GigaTrust is a cutting-edge provider of email and content security software products serving customers in both the public and private sectors. GigaTrust is the only provider of the Intelligent Rights ManagementTM solution, which combines innovative, next-generation content security technologies built on the foundation of Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services. GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management solution enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration by persistently protecting content (at rest, in transit, or in use). GigaTrust’s family of products/services are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. GigaTrust’s products/services include security solutions for email and document protection, automated external user provisioning, web content, network file shares, e-discovery enablement, and the Blackberry mobile device. GigaTrust is headquartered in Herndon, Va., and with regional offices throughout the United States and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information about GigaTrust, visit

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