GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management™ solution is a family of products that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. Security is implemented using our products in concert with Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS) technology.

Organizations can use GigaTrust’s products with AD RMS for On-Premise deployments and Azure AD RMS for In-The-Cloud deployments.   GigaTrust helps prevent sensitive information such as financial reports, product specifications, customer data, and confidential email messages from intentionally or accidentally getting into the wrong hands.

Mobility – Android, iOS and BlackBerry: GigaTrust mobility products allow authorized users to protected and consume RMS content on mobile devices while maintaining persistent protection of the content when at-rest, in-motion or in-use. GigaTrust products for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices also securely display the originality of the attachments (Office, PDF, PPDF and  PFile formats).    […]

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Is Your Data Secure?

It's a simple yes-or-no question. There can't be any room for hesitation. You've got to be sure. No questions asked. It's that important.

Businesses must monetize digital assets, protect intellectual property, maintain client confidentiality and comply with privacy legislation.

The protection has to be persistent—at transit...and in use. It must be secure and in compliance—all data...anytime...anywhere. It must protect email and content on desktops and web servers and mobile devices. In the enterprise and beyond.

With information moving so freely throughout the world—with no boundaries—invisible barriers must be set around what is most valuable to business today—intellectual property.

We need to be sure that one company's business does not become another company's business—whether it's research, pricing strategies or medical records—all data should be proprietary and remain that way.

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Intelligent Rights Management

Business today is about transparency and agility. Yet there's an equally compelling need for persistent content protection and privacy.

And you know what that means: Open up intellectual assets to employees, customers, and partners to improve productivity and service and you have to limit access to only those who need to know, ensuring private information does not get into the wrong hands. A daunting task.

It is possible with GigaTrust-the only provider of Intelligent Rights Management - which extends and enhances Microsoft's Windows Rights Management Services (AD RMS & Azure AD RMS) as well as Office / Office 365 / Exchange / Exchange Online, in any combination. Intelligent Rights Management enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration by persistently protecting content - inside or outside the enterprise. Whether you're using a PC, laptop, or mobile device, such as Android, BlackBerry or iPhone smartphones, it means the protection you invoke stays with the content-no matter where it goes.
This represents a major breakthrough for the Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) industry.
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Security and Compliance

Corporate Governance: Move corporate policies from the boardroom to the desktop.

Compliance: Meet reporting and auditing regulations developed in support of legislation or comply with privacy and security standards.

Client Success Stories

As Microsoft's first strategic RMS partner in 2003, GigaTrust has built products and provides services exclusively for RMS with more than 250 large enterprise RMS deployments worldwide... (Learn More...)