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Enterprise Rights Management Software
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Secure your content at use—all the time...anywhere

It begins with Intelligent Rights Management. GigaTrust’s innovative content security solution is built exclusively on the foundation of Microsoft's Rights Management Services (RMS). GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration whether inside or outside the enterprise’s network. Additionally, no matter where content travels it is persistently protected—even on blackberry devices!

This means the protection you invoke stays with the content at use—no matter where it goes.

GigaTrust's Intelligent Rights Management is a family of products that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. Security is implemented using enterprise rights management (ERM) technology in conjunction with information policies (e.g., Company Confidential, For Your Eyes Only), privacy policies (e.g., HIPAA, GLBA), compliance policies (e.g., SOX, ISO 15489), corporate governance (e.g., acceptable use policies: AUPs) or internal ad hoc policies (e.g., Project Team Only) that are key to the mission-critical success of business conducted in cyberspace. Persistent content security provides the benefits of encryption plus the ability for authors to control the assets’ use—even after they have been delivered and opened.

The challenges of supply chain content protection and authentication for enterprises large to small are solved.

Which products/services will work best for your needs? For content protection, corporate governance and compliance—GigaTrust has got you covered.