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Unstructured Data Sharing Is the Key to Ensure Productivity

GigaCloud Unstructured Data

Can we talk…candidly?

If our question stopped at “Can we talk?” we’d be referring to the humorous hallmark catchphrase of Joan Rivers, one of the world’s top comedians. But when we add the word “candidly,” the humor evolves into the harsh reality for over billions of corporate and government email users worldwide who need to have digital candid conversations with employees, supply chain partners and other external participants, while maintaining privacy.

Are you able to have a candid email conversation today?  

It is possible. The challenge is document security—for all of the data we share.

The volume of data in emails and documents is doubling each year. The information in these shared communications is known as unstructured data—and is growing significantly faster than structured data.  90% of the data we deal with on a daily basis is unstructured and included in emails, reports, image files, presentations and spreadsheets—information that is often proprietary and mission-critical. It’s imperative to share unstructured data candidly both inside and outside the firewall to ensure productivity through collaboration, expedite projects and make timely decisions. The only way we can achieve this high level of productivity is by establishing a secure cloud environment that protects content, thereby fostering an open and candid channel for digital communications between all concerned parties.

Is there a level of trust between your internal and external stakeholders?

Everyone must have a level of comfort and trust to communicate what is necessary and feel secure that no one outside the circle of approved recipients can view their data—in other words, be candid and safe. The focus of this protection is on secure content collaboration whether inside or outside an enterprise’s network on any device through a formal business application—not randomly and ineffectively assigned by employees—no matter what the information is and how it is being shared. Unstructured data needs to be protected at rest, in transit, and in use, no matter where content travels, on smartphones, tablets, PC laptops and traditional Windows desktops—otherwise known as persistent protection.

Do you know how to implement persistent protection?

The GigaTrustTM GigaCloudTM SaaS service provides a secure email and document collaboration platform through a private key for enterprises and government organizations delivering anyone-to-anyone secure document sharing with endpoint security, enterprise rules, tracking, reporting and compliance. GigaCloud delivers persistent protection for native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and pictures for the content’s entire lifecycle. It provides the benefits of encryption plus the ability for authors to control the use of assets—even after delivered and opened. It meets enterprise document security requirements for external cloud-based file sync and sharing integration services including Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and secure document management systems such as SharePoint®.

GigaCloud enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration with persistently protected content—keeping sensitive data private with the security protection invoked staying with the content—no matter where or how it travels. You can implement persistent protection—and talk candidly—only with GigaCloud.

By Harry Piccariello, Chief Marketing Officer