GigaTrust, an industry leading provider of Enterprise Rights Management software, delivers persistent content protection and authentication services to both large commercial and government enterprises as well as small-to-medium business (SMB) markets. Persistent content protection represents a major advance in security, as it allows businesses to ‘establish and enforce’ secure enterprise policies to protect everyday content, collaboration and sharing of emails & documents across the Internet on virtually any device. within as well as between organizations.

At present, GigaTrust offers the following solutions:


GigaCloud® is GigaTrust’s fully-managed SaaS (Software as a Service) offering providing secure endpoint document protection—delivering email and document collaboration services anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device and any platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools.

GigaCloud® for DoD Supply Chain

For  organizations that work with the Department of Defense and create, process, store or transmit CUI (controlled unclassified information), or that provide security protection for these components we have  GigaCloud® for DOD Supply Chain. This solution provides for secure endpoint email and document collaboration with numerous features and functions to support enterprise and government users.