Access RMS content while maintaining protection

While the content on your organization’s desktops are protected with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) your employees also have hundreds or potentially thousands of mobile devices that they use on a daily basis for email communications. How can you ensure the needed protection of information is maintained now that it’s accessible on a mobile device?

GigaTrust mobility products allow authorized users to access protected RMS content on mobile devices while maintaining persistent protection of the content at-rest, in-motion or in-use. GigaTrust products for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices also securely display the originality of the attachments (Office, PDF, PPDF and PFile formats). In the case of BlackBerry, documents are viewed in the native Docs-to-Go application. Additionally, GigaTrust allows authorized users to protect content on the devices with the same policies available to the desktop users of RMS. For RMS On-Premise deployments, your Exchange server or Office software can be On-Premise or In-The-Cloud.