End Point Security

Mobile Products

GigaTrust’s mobile products enable secure protection and use of RMS protected emails and attachments on Android / iOS smartphones, including Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. These product are available for the Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms and allows users to protect, view, and reply to AD RMS or Azure AD RMS protected emails.

The GigaTrust mobile offerings are also available for Microsoft Office 365 cloud deployments via mobile apps. The Android and iOS apps are available as a simple download and enable Microsoft Office 365 enterprise and SMB subscribers to view, protect, reply, and reply to all for RMS protected emails and view / protect native Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and Microsoft Protected Portable Document Format (“PPDF”) documents available in Microsoft document sharing tools. The GigaTrust mobile apps retrieve the keys for decrypting the email and documents and enforce the rights governing their usage. All rendering of RMS protected emails and documents are conducted directly on the smartphone through these mobile apps.

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GigaTrust Desktop Client

As one of the two EndPoint Security products for the desktop, Desktop Client extends Microsoft’s RMS technology to persistently protect a variety of non-Microsoft file types providing you with the tools to proactively mitigate risk and the freedom to do business openly without jeopardizing the safety of your confidential or proprietary information. You control who & how long access and use is permissible.

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GigaTrust Desktop PDF Client for Adobe

The GigaTrust Desktop PDF Client for Adobe allows you to view your protected PDF files in Microsoft’s new PPDF format when using Microsoft Rights Management Services and renders the file in native Adobe Acrobat or Reader. This application can be used inside and outside your organization to protect your most valuable documents even while sharing them.

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