Data OverWatch Service


Data OverWatch Service (Currently Available in Select Countries) – GigaTrust’s Data OverWatch Service is a Cloud-based service that provides measurement, auditing, tracking and analytics of data content. Specifically, the analytics shows ROI, user adoption and enables customers to better manage people, devices, content and policy. It allows users to know what is protected and where that content resides, and all the retained information is configurable and location sensitive. Events are captured from applications interacting with the secure content and extensive analytics data is captured for each event. Data OverWatch “events” provide information about user, device, content and policy.

What GigaTrust’s DataWatch means to you:

  • Knowing what content is protected, where, by who
  • Easy access to IRM document interaction history
  • Easy view of where their IRM content is, which device, etc.

Please contact us on availability.

See Sample of Data-OverWatch Service