Video Tutorials


To assist you in setting up your instance of GigaCloud®, we have developed a series of tutorial videos that provide a step by step guide.

How to Manually or automatically protect emails and documents

How to Manually or automatically protect emails and documents

Using SPConnect and iOS GigaTrust Client

How to use the iOS GigaTrust Client with SharePoint protected documents.
It uses a free third party SharePoint Interface GUI, SPConnect.
The process is the same using a Browser with SharePoint on the iOS client.

Administrator Videos

GigaCloud Getting Started

This is an introduction to the basic steps to get started with GigaCloud.
It shows  how to organize your GigaCloud users into Business Unit related communities.
It also shows  how to create and assign policies to protect your Business Unit related emails and documents.

How to add a GigaCloud Delegated Administrator

This video shows how to delegate management of GigaCloud administrator to Business Unit staff.
This allows the Business Units to manage policies for the content protection related to that Business Unit.

How To Add Users To Your GigaCloud Tenant

This video shows the various ways to enroll end users into GigaCloud

Automating Protection of email with CUI Documents as Attachments

The first part of this video is intended for End Users, showing the DoDSupplier user experience for NIST automatic protections..
The second part of this video is intended for GigaCloud Adminstrators to define and assign automatic protection policies.