Problems We Solve

Security, Privacy, Compliance and Governance in an IT-Driven World

From your desktop. From your server or in the cloud. From your smart phone or tablet. Information is moving rapidly every second of the day…From one end of the world to the other…From one enterprise to another. Information that is private such as medical and HR records, financial transactions, e-discovery, business R&D, pricing and strategy documents, all must be secured to meet legal or corporate governance requirements. The most important question: Is electronic information protected and in compliance at rest…in transit…in use, no matter where it travels?

Technology Problem – Solved
The answer is a resounding yes—if you have Intelligent Rights Management. It’s a proprietary enhancement of Microsoft’s Windows Rights Management Services—an innovative solution from GigaTrust™ that solves these information technology problems.

Security and Privacy Problems – Solved
Intelligent Rights Management enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration persistently protecting content. That means that intellectual property remains private with the security protection you invoke staying with the content—no matter where it goes.

Compliance Problem – Solved
It’s a global concern. And it’s not just a business issue. Privacy and transparency go beyond confidentiality and accountability—they cross all borders. They’re such important issues that the public sector—the government—entered the picture, to ensure that both governmental organizations and the private sector—its citizens, its businesses—are protected. They’ve created legislation to ensure that privacy and transparency in the Internet Age are reality. Compliance is mission critical.

The following is a list of example Compliance Regulations – Read More

Governance Problem – Solved
In automating policy enforcement, organizations need to consider the differences between regulatory compliance and governance. Compliance is a governmental issue—governance is an organizational issue. Within the enterprise, governance is based on the establishment of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) that pertain to the organization’s content and information technology only, as well as those that are mandated by law.

GigaTrust’s Rights Management Services (RMS) integrated products solve all of these problems.

Delivering RMS protection for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft file types, smart phones, tablets and more….

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Office, Office 365, Exchange, or Exchange Online, GigaTrust lets you control who can access and use the content, and for how long. Information remains secure – both online and offline.