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Are you minding the gap? The cybersecurity skills gap, that is.


It used to be that when you heard or saw ‘mind the gap,’ you knew it was the familiar London tube warning to carefully step over the space between the station platform and the train car. A gap is never a good thing.

Oh, how things have changed. Today, everyone’s talking about minding the gap—but not in transportation—in cybersecurity. The digital world has changed how we think, what we do, and how we protect ourselves. Everything is data. Everything needs to be protected from hacking, breaches, spear phishing, baiting, quid pro quo and pretexting. Everyone needs to be aware. We all need to be on high alert. Every organization must have the right people to put the right email security and document protection in place.

All businesses, government agencies and individuals face cybersecurity threats—daily. The challenge is to be educated about potential attacks and trends, understand how to combat them, have the best cybersecurity professionals on staff and implement a solution that delivers persistent protection at rest, in transit and in use.

The most recent Juniper Research publication, The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Enterprise Threats & Mitigation 2017-2022, forecasts that global cybersecurity spend will reach nearly $135 billion in 2022, up from an estimated $93 billion this year. It’s projected that over the next five years, data breaches will cost organizations a cumulative total of $8 trillion in fines, lost business and remediation costs. These numbers indicate just how pervasive the cybersecurity threat is. It gets even scarier when you factor in the worldwide cybersecurity skills gap. It’s a daunting challenge to overcome.

Closing the cybersecurity skills gap

The best solution for closing the cybersecurity skills gap in your organization is a three-pronged approach: 1) educating existing employees, 2) recruiting more cybersecurity professionals, and 3) implementing a solution for secure email and document protection to cover the challenges due to the lack of cybersecurity skills in the workplace. The more educated about cybersecurity you and your employees are, the safer your intellectual property is. If your employees are aware of the dangers and know what to be on the lookout for, that’s half the battle. Education is the first step in minding the cybersecurity skills gap.

The latest study from the Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) revealed a projected shortfall of 1.8 million cybersecurity workers worldwide by 2022, if current hiring trends continue—with the issue directly leading to data breaches and in turn impacting us all. So what’s an organization to do?

Knowing how to overcome the cybersecurity skills gap is the answer. If there aren’t enough professionals to protect content from cyber threats, then the challenge has to be looked at differently. What can we put in place to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap?

The GigaTrustTM flagship service, GigaCloudTM, delivers persistently protected emails and documents for collaboration anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device. GigaCloud is the first and only secure email and document protection, consumption, and collaboration service that is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy private or multi-tenant cloud service powered by the Microsoft – Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) security ecosystem.

Mind the gap means be careful. Mind the cybersecurity skills gap is more than just being careful—it’s being strategic and proactive to fight cybersecurity threats with a full arsenal of weapons including education, recruitment and persistent content protection in the cloud.

By Harry Piccariello, Chief Marketing Officer