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January 30, 2008 – GigaTrust Announces FY 2007 Results – Doubles Year to Year Sales


Substantial Growth Fueled by New Product Features, New Enterprise Customers, and Demand for Software Across Public and Private Sectors

Herndon, VA—January 30, 2008—GigaTrust, the leading provider of cutting-edge email security and content protection software products, today announced that it achieved substantial growth for the fiscal year which ended December 31, 2007. As a result of breakthrough technology and sales to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, GigaTrust experienced a year-to-year doubling of revenue.

“In 2007, GigaTrust built a reputation for delivering unmatched expertise and innovative technologies that fill unaddressed needs in the enterprise rights management market,” said Bob Bernardi, GigaTrust Chairman and CEO. “This was an important and successful year for GigaTrust. The company gained significant traction worldwide and we are extremely well positioned for further growth in 2008.”

GigaTrust’s software facilitates secure cross-enterprise collaboration for email, attachments, and web content. The GigaTrust suite of software products allows businesses to control and manage how people exchange sensitive information such as contracts, intellectual property, financial data, medical records, customer information, and price lists. It also allows businesses to establish and enforce secure corporate policies to protect everyday collaboration on the Internet. GigaTrust secures a document during transmission and goes one step further by controlling how the recipient can use the protected information. For example, GigaTrust can enforce a “view only” feature on the recipient’s computer to prohibit the email and attachment from being forwarded, printed, copied/pasted, saved as, and/or screen printed.

GigaTrust solutions are built on top of Microsoft’s Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) and is the only technology that fully protects content to and from BlackBerry devices.

2007 GigaTrust Highlights:

  • Acquired significant new commercial customers and expanded existing customer deployments of GigaTrust software including TXU Power, ING Direct, Saudi Telecom, and other organizations not publicly disclosed due to the secure nature of the work performed
  • Awarded the largest single deployment anywhere of Microsoft’s RMS at the U.S. Veterans Affairs
  • Created the first and only platform independent RMS thin client for Outlook Web Access users and users outside the Microsoft RMS enabled Enterprise. The thin client allows users to view protected emails without requiring an install.
  • Created the first and only archive independent eDiscovery product for RMS protected emails and attachments.
  • Released the first and only secure solution for viewing and creating RMS email and attachments on the BlackBerry handheld device.
  • Expanded its U.S. presence by opening offices in New York, California and Texas to address growing demand.
  • Appointed new Vice Presidents for commercial and public sector sales, as well as adding a new Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Product Management.

About GigaTrust
GigaTrust is a cutting-edge provider of email and content security software products serving customers in both the public and private sectors. GigaTrust is the only provider of the Intelligent Rights Management™ solution, which combines innovative, next-generation content security technologies built on the foundation of Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services. GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management solution enables secure anyoneto- anyone collaboration by persistently protecting content (at rest, in transit, or in use). GigaTrust’s family of products/services are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. GigaTrust’s products/services include security solutions for email and document protection, automated external user provisioning, web content, network file shares, e-discovery enablement, and the Blackberry mobile device. GigaTrust is headquartered in Herndon, Va., and with regional offices throughout the United States and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information about GigaTrust, visit

Harry Piccariello
GigaTrust Corporation
Chief Marketing Officer

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