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March 23, 2011 — GigaTrust Connects Microsoft Rights Management Services to CA DLP


GigaTrust CA DLP Protector Helps Enable Intelligent Information Protection and Control

Herndon, VA — March 23, 2011 — GigaTrust, the market leader in Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) content protection software solutions that enhance and extend Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), today announced the availability of its DLP Protector for CA DLP, a leading information protection and control solution.

The GigaTrust Protector for CA DLP identifies and controls sensitive data Atrest, In-transit and In-use. It understands which data needs to be controlled, prompting users to select digital rights to be applied when attempting to send sensitive data via email inside and outside the organization. It also identifies and moves stored sensitive data to designated repositories in order to have rights management policies applied automatically. Rights can be based on established predefined corporate templates that govern file permissions. This seamless approach to information control helps reduce operational costs while improving overall effectiveness.

Meeting data governance initiatives has become more challenging in today’s evolving technology and regulatory climate. Businesses must now take a comprehensive approach to solving regulatory compliance, information misuse and malicious threats. By understanding the sensitivity of data, the identity of who is accessing data, and the manner in which data is being used, organizations are able to take an intelligent approach to data handling.

“The threat of data loss, theft and misuse grows exponentially as data is created and access is authorized. Unless organizations gain control of users, their access and what they can do with the information, the risk of a WikiLeaks type of event is very high,” said Lina Liberti, vice president, Security, CA Technologies. “GigaTrust and CA Technologies understand that balancing data protection with day-to-day operations is critical to a successful information protection and control program.”

GigaTrust also supports the GigaTrust Connector for CA SiteMinder, a server‐based solution, enabling CA SiteMinder‐authenticated users to obtain RMS credentials and fully participate in Rights Management activities. Access to RMS‐protected content is managed by the CA SiteMinder Policy Server by making the RMS server CA SiteMinder Web Agent aware.

“GigaTrust, in strong collaboration with CA Technologies, has built a bridge that links AD RMS to CA SiteMinder and CA DLP through our ERM Connector and Protector technologies,” said Darryl Worsham, Vice President of Business Development and Partner Products at GigaTrust. “This technology bridge leverages the existing investment of CA Technologies products currently in use and provides a solution differentiation for prospective customers.”

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GigaTrust is a leading provider of email security and content protection software products and services with customers in both the public and private sectors. GigaTrust is the only provider of the Intelligent Rights
Management™ solution, which combines innovative next-generation content security technologies built on the foundation of Microsoft® Rights Management Services. In February 2003, the firm formed the first strategic partnership with Microsoft and formally launched the first in the family of proprietary Intelligent Rights Management products based on the Rights Management Services (RMS) security platform. GigaTrust is a Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner. GigaTrust’s family of products and services is easy to use and easy to deploy for either the author or recipient of protected content. GigaTrust’s products and services include security solutions for
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