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GigaTrust Announces Secure Document and Email Collaboration for the DoD Supply Chain


Provides Secure Document Sharing on PCs, mobile devices and with file storage systems

Herndon, VirginiaOctober 11 2017GigaTrust™, a leading provider of endpoint security that delivers in-use protection of documents and emails, today announced the availability of the first and only  “community of interest” deployment of GigaCloud, the Company’s fully-managed document and email security ecosystem that is dedicated for Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers required to meet strict security compliance standards when sharing documents and emails amongst themselves and the DoD.  This ‘community of interest’ option is available to GigaTrust customers directly and via GigaTrust’s recent partnership with Forcepoint and ICM.

Following the successful launch of GigaCloud in March, 2017, GigaTrust is now addressing specific vertical industry customer demand for a secure document collaboration solution that allows organizations with a shared interest – including government suppliers, healthcare organizations and financial services companies such as banks– to share information with one another safely and securely, allowing them to maintain compliance and simplify business processes. GigaCloud facilitates secure document and email collaboration from any device including PCs, Android and iOS smartphones and with many file storage systems.

“We are pleased to offer the new dedicated ‘community of interest’ deployment option of GigaCloud for well-defined groups and vertical industries that need to collaborate and share documents and emails securely.  The GigaCloud document and email security ecosystem offers a dedicated solution only to the members of the group(s) involved,” said Erik Brown, Chief Technology Officer at GigaTrust. “It is an excellent way to securely share content between users of different organizations from virtually any device or file storage system.”

GigaTrust is initially rolling out the ‘community of interest’ GigaCloud option for the DoD supply chain. These organizations share a common challenge with a requirement to demonstrate compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations, by December 31, 2017. Now, the dedicated GigaCloud ‘community of interest’ deployment will allow DoD suppliers to securely collaborate with one another, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

GigaTrust has demonstrated a commitment to the DoD supplier community and recently partnered with Forcepoint and ICM to bring together best-of-breed security products tailored for NIST 800-171 technology controls. Together, GigaTrust, Forcepoint and ICM are making NIST compliance faster and easier, with a rapid five-day implementation.

“Meeting the NIST 800-171 requirements is both vital to the security of our nation and provides enhanced security for organizations’ valuable assets and data,” said George Kamis, CTO of Global Governments at Forcepoint. “Forcepoint has partnered with leaders in cybersecurity, such as GigaTrust with their innovative email encryption offering, to help supply chain organizations meet the year-end NIST 800-171 compliance deadline with a solution that also delivers competitive advantage versus non-compliant suppliers.”

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About GigaTrust

GigaTrust is a leading SaaS provider of endpoint email security and document in-use protection for on-premise private cloud or hybrid private cloud based deployments for Windows, iOS and Android devices. GigaTrust is the largest and oldest provider that enhances and extends Microsoft’s Active Directory Rights Management Services (RMS) content security solution. Customers rely on GigaTrust’s innovative next generation content security technologies, combined with ease of use and deployment, to enable intellectual property protection and confidentiality.

The Company’s flagship offering, GigaCloud, delivers secure email and document collaboration services, anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device and any platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools. It applies and enforces security permissions down to the digital content level, protecting content from misuse throughout the entire lifecycle– while in transit, at rest and, most importantly “in use,” even when opened by any permitted recipient. GigaCloud is available in a secure private cloud configuration for enterprises and government entities requiring added security features and administrative control. For more information about GigaTrust, visit

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