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Your Security Checklist Isn’t Complete Without This

Secure endpoint document protection in the cloud is a must-have for IT leaders who take cybersecurity seriously

You have a strong firewall and you’ve put painstaking efforts into securing your servers: now what?

If you think securing your business information stops there, think again.

While many security professionals understand their work is never finished, many also believe that focusing on firewall protection will effectively safeguard them from looming threats. Though the importance of firewalls is well understood in the industry, there’s another piece of the puzzle that often goes overlooked: email and document in-use protection.

Email and document collaboration is a huge part of business operations: nearly 120 billion business emails are sent daily, according to a recent Radicati Group report. This information – at rest, in transit, and in use – is as susceptible to threats as a personal email account is exposed to being phished.

Why haven’t more companies put measures in place to protect these assets? With more choices than ever for communicating – across devices and various platforms – the need has never been greater for IT to gain control over this information as it is consumed and exchanged. And as communication moves increasingly to the cloud, IT leaders must get ahead of the security curve and put the right solutions in place to meet employees where they are: everywhere.

From Dropbox to OneDrive and everything in between – email and document protection should be comprehensive enough to have your business covered regardless of how people choose to connect; Protection shouldn’t be limited to whichever device or platform is en vogue at the moment. For IT teams to have peace of mind, they need to know that whatever solution they invest in will be able to grow and evolve as the business does – especially given the rapid pace of change that is underway as workers become more mobile and seek out new applications for collaboration.

That’s why we’re launching GigaCloud™: secure endpoint email and document protection available for iOS, Android, IMAP and Windows. Compatible with third-party products like Dropbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint, this service is managed entirely in GigaTrust’s cloud infrastructure. And, because it’s easy to use, companies can get started right away. Protected no matter the situation, IT leaders can take the next step toward complete email and document security today with GigaCloud.

Let’s face it, IT teams have enough to worry about when it comes to securing business information: the task is never finished. They often need to create a custom patchwork of solutions to make sure they’re up for whatever is sent their way. GigaCloud makes email and document protection one less thing to worry about, without having to juggle multiple vendors platform-by-platform, device-by-device. It should be an essential part of any IT ecosystem.

Information security is no easy task, and the responsibility isn’t taken lightly. But with GigaCloud we can make things easier. If you’re ready to take the next step in making sure your business is as secure as it can possibly be, let GigaCloud help. Stay tuned for a free 30-day trial of GigaCloud in the coming weeks.