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Your Security Checklist Isn’t Complete Without This

Secure endpoint document protection in the cloud is a must-have for IT leaders who take cybersecurity seriously You have a strong firewall and you’ve put painstaking efforts into securing your servers: now what? If you think securing your business information stops there, think again. While many security professionals understand their work is never finished, many also believe that focusing on firewall protection will effectively safeguard them from looming threats. Though the importance of firewalls is well understood in the industry,...
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Ensuring Secure Endpoint Content Collaboration in the Cloud

With the pervasive adoption of mobile communication, employees today have come to expect anytime, anywhere, anyone-to-anyone collaboration. But, in this new mobile landscape, the need for document and email security to protect against data breaches is paramount. It is imperative that enterprises and governmental users protect their content from misuse for the entire lifecycle. How are companies staying ahead of the security curve? A recent Gartner report sponsored by GigaTrust, “Ensuring Secure Endpoint Content Collaboration in the Cloud,” helps security...
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