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April 7, 2008 – GigaTrust Announces Availability of Enterprise Plus for Microsoft® Windows® Rights Management Services


Administrators Will Have New Tools to Easily Extend the Security of RMS Outside the Organization

Herndon, VA—April 7, 2008 — GigaTrust, the leader in Enterprise Rights Management solutions, announced today it is offering tools to automate protection and allow secured sharing of sensitive documents and intellectual property across an organization’s business and to its supply chain partners with its Enterprise Plus product. GigaTrust Enterprise Plus is now part of the Intelligent Rights Management™ family of products designed to embrace and extend the Microsoft® RMS platform.

“This product provides valuable capabilities for both individual users as well as the RMS administrative team,” said Bob Bernardi, chairman and CEO of GigaTrust. “We are now making Enterprise Plus available after our project win with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs – the single largest deployment of RMS world-wide.”

GigaTrust Enterprise Plus is a complete end-to-end solution that layers on top of the existing RMS technology stack. This solution allows internal users to communicate with external users outside of the enterprise domain without having to compromise internal security. GigaTrust has now added the administrative tools and a new RMS provisioning client to our existing Enterprise product that make it easy for organizations using RMS from Microsoft to extend secure email and document collaboration to their business and supply chain partners. “In light of this valuable enhancement to our Enterprise offering for extending the reach of RMS, we have renamed this suite of RMS extensions and enhancements Enterprise Plus,” added Bernardi.

Enterprise Plus now combines features that make it easy for organizations to take full advantage of the security features in RMS that allow for secure collaboration and communication throughout an organization and out to their network of business partners. GigaTrust has always provided tools that enable an RMS administrative team to understand how RMS is being used throughout the organization as well as automate the protection of email and documents based security policies.

Enterprise Plus allows administrators to establish rules that automatically apply policies that support existing business processes as well as share select policies with individual team members. By providing these new tools for extending RMS functionality to customers’ external partners, GigaTrust can enable the security of RMS throughout an organizations’ network of stakeholders. Enterprise Plus combined with RMS provides corporations and government agencies with a platform to ensure secure exchange of and collaboration on their privileged communications and sensitive documents while protecting their valuable intellectual property.

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GigaTrust is a cutting-edge provider of email and content security software products serving customers in both the public and private sectors. GigaTrust is the only provider of the Intelligent Rights Management™ solution, which combines innovative, next-generation content security technologies built on the foundation of Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services. GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management solution enables secure anyoneto- anyone collaboration by persistently protecting content (at rest, in transit, or in use). GigaTrust’s family of products/services are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. GigaTrust’s products/services include security solutions for email and document protection, automated external user provisioning, web content, network file shares, e-discovery enablement, and the Blackberry mobile device. GigaTrust is headquartered in Herndon, Va., and with regional offices throughout the United States and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information about GigaTrust, visit

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