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April 21, 2009 — GigaTrust Unveils Desktop Client 6.0


Exclusive Enterprise Rights Management Tool for CAD and other File Formats for Native Viewing with Automatic Content Protection

RSA Conference Booth #1517 (Microsoft Partner Pavilion), San Francisco — April 21, 2009 — GigaTrust, the market leader in providing cutting-edge email security and content protection software products that enhance and extend Microsoft’s Windows Rights Management Services (RMS), today introduced GigaTrust Desktop Client 6.0, the latest edition of the email and content security suite of tools that enable persistent protection beyond the enterprise. Desktop Client 6.0 extends the security of RMS to PDF documents and drawings and files produced in the most popular CAD applications to protect a major source of valuable corporate intellectual capital. It also has the ability to stop hundreds of screen scraping and PC sharing applications while protected documents are being viewed and in the process enhance the security for your enterprise.

GigaTrust’s Desktop Client 6.0 technology offers users advanced Enterprise Rights Management upgrades exclusively for Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS). Desktop Client 6.0 features include:

• RMS security for Additional File Formats with Native Viewing including non-Office file formats such as PDF and CAD files produced in applications such as NX from Siemens PLM as part of a recently announced partnership between GigaTrust and Siemens PLM. There is also support for PTC ProductView, Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, AutoCAD and more … and can be used to protect almost any format in a Windows environment.
• Prevents Screen Capture and Screen Sharing This feature can block over 250 screen capture/remote sharing programs from being used to steal protected data while being viewed by users inside or outside an enterprise.
• Automatic Protection that makes it easy for organizations to ensure the enforcement of security policy throughout their community of users – in email and attachments, file shares and content repositories.

“Many organizations have come to realize that their most valuable intellectual property and sensitive information is in CAD drawings and special presentation formats like PDF that to date have not been addressed well by ERM technology. As a partner dedicated to the RMS platform from Microsoft we wanted bridge that gap,” said Brad Gandee, VP of Sales and Product Management. “This addition to our suite of products allows us to extend the reach for RMS in manufacturing verticals like automotive, industrial machinery, and electronics as well as heavily regulated sectors like public utilities and pharmaceuticals. With this persistent, unwavering protection organizations can truly trust in the security of their critical information.”

About GigaTrust
GigaTrust is a cutting-edge provider of email security and content protection software products serving customers in both the public and private sectors. GigaTrust is the only provider of the Intelligent Rights Management™ solutions, which combines innovative, next-generation content security technologies built on the foundation of Microsoft’s Rights Management Services. GigaTrust’s Intelligent Rights Management solutions enable secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration by persistently protecting content (at rest, in transit, or in use). GigaTrust’s family of products/services are easy to use, easy to deploy, and completely transparent to the author or recipient of the email or content. GigaTrust’s products/services include security solutions for email and document protection, automated external user provisioning, web content, network file shares, e-discovery enablement, and the BlackBerry mobile device. GigaTrust is headquartered in Herndon, Va., and with regional offices throughout the United States and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information about GigaTrust, visit

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