Who We Are

Businesses today need to share content across ever-widening organizational and geographical areas —both within and outside the enterprise; locally or across the globe. At the same time, they are also increasingly accountable for ensuring that content is properly protected, that it meets compliance and governance regulations policy in regards to intellectual property protection, privacy, document retention, monitoring, e-discovery, and notifications, and that it remains private — even when it resides on infrastructures over which they have little or no control. This global information management challenge has led organizations to look for ways to secure the data itself, rather than just the infrastructure that holds and transports it.

GigaTrust™ was founded in April 2000 by a seasoned and experienced team of business leaders in the digital content in-use protection industry and is the largest and oldest security software provider that enhances and the extends Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS) content security solution for desktop and mobile devices. We  combine innovative next generation content security technologies, enabling intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

GigaTrust is a leading provider of endpoint security and document in-use protection for Windows, iOS and Android devices, offering a fully managed SaaS solution. The company’s flagship offering, GigaCloud®, delivers secure email and document collaboration services anytime, on any device and any platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools.


Our Mission

GigaTrust™’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive secure endpoint document protection anytime, anywhere on any mobile or desktop device allowing businesses and government entities to protect intellectual property, maintain client/customer privacy and confidentiality, and comply with privacy laws and regulations.

How We Do It

GigaCloud® is GigaTrust’s SaaS (Software as a Service) offering providing secure document protection—delivering email and document collaboration services anytime, anywhere, on any device and any platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools. GigaTrust enables secure collaboration whether inside or outside an enterprise’s network. No matter where content travels, it is persistently protected (at rest, in transit, and in use)—on smartphones, tablets, PC laptops and traditional Windows desktops.

GigaTrust provides support for Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 cloud subscribers with a comprehensive security solution for native Office suite of documents and PDFs and additional file formats. GigaCloud® offers two configurations: hybrid cloud through Microsoft Azure or on-premise deployments using Azure Stacks or Hyper-V.