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GigaTrust Protector for Symantec DLP—Extending RMS to establish safeguards for persistent content protection

The top two concerns of businesses today are content protection and data loss prevention. Transmitting and storing confidential and proprietary information every minute of the day across the world is business as usual. Now GigaTrust is extending its enterprise-wide Intelligent Rights Management capabilities to include a connection to Symantec DLP.

GigaTrust is the standard bearer for persistent content protection for all supported file types at transit...or in use.

Symantec is the industry leader in data loss prevention (DLP).

With the addition of GigaTrust’s Protector for Symantec DLP, information control can be applied in specific ways for different industries and to different business functions that use varied file formats. These RMS-enabled solutions allow forward—thinking companies to better serve their customers and employees—not by reacting to regulation but by leveraging this joint solution.

The GigaTrust Protector links Microsoft RMS to Symantec DLP to leverage the existing investment and deployment of Symantec DLP in the enterprise as the use of Rights Management is launched and expanded inside and outside the organization. It’s a total solution ensuring persistent content protection and data loss prevention.

GigaTrust Protector for Symantec DLP provides:
  • Server-based, plug-in in support of the Symantec DLP solution, which offers discovery at the client end-point, server, and network
  • Seamless integration through Java-based product
  • Connection between RMS policy and Symantec DLP Smart Response Rules
  • Automatic protection of files that have been moved to a designated network file share for storage and redistribution
  • Assignment of a unique protection policy to each file share with the option to include the share’s subfolders
  • Application of automatic templates—includes a list of predetermined users and rights to all documents in a folder
  • Examination of content to administer all functions, including Stop, Send, and Notification
  • Flexible choice between blocking a file, allowing a file to pass through, or applying rights protection before a file is delivered
GigaTrust Protector for Symantec DLP works hand in hand with GigaTrust Dynamic File Folders, rights enabling network file shares throughout a network. Documents are rights enabled as they are uploaded into network storage systems. Persistent protection can be controlled and administered at the corporate, operational unit, departmental or even at the individual share level. As files are dropped into a file share, persistent protection is automatically applied based on predetermined corporate security policy.

GigaTrust’s RMS-enabled solutions apply information control inside and outside the enterprise for business functions that use varied file formats, share documents in network storage systems or even on BlackBerry devices.

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