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Enterprise Rights Management Software
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GigaTrust Enterprise Plus - Delivering RMS Enterprise Management and Administration

GigaTrust Enterprise Plus provides valuable capabilities for both individual users as well as the RMS administrative team. We make it easy for a business unit, department or even individual users within your organization to take full advantage of the security features in RMS. These features allow for secure collaboration and communication throughout your organization while retaining the ability for administrative oversight. We provide the tools that enable your RMS administrative team to designate content policy creation to the content owners and to create role based content policies for how RMS is to be used throughout the organization - by whom, when, and which documents to protect.

Protecting your documents for secure distribution is handled efficiently by Microsoft’s Rights Management Services™ (RMS) and GigaTrust Enterprise Plus. GigaTrust provides a user friendly, secure and robust method for sharing information both inside and outside your organization. You can be sure that when you send intellectual property (IP) across the aisle or across the country that collaboration can easily occur, while at the same time persistent protection remains in place. GigaTrust ensures that IP and confidential data are secure, private and compliant at transit... and in use.

Automated, persistent content protection is a necessary element of complete enterprise security architecture that seamlessly complements existing perimeter security solutions with content protection. GigaTrust Enterprise Plus provides the tools to automate the protection of your sensitive documents and intellectual property, and allows you to share those documents with colleagues as well as your business and supply chain partners regardless of where they are.

Features of GigaTrust Enterprise Plus-Beyond RMS:
  • Policy rules. Enforce information policies that automatically create content (including emails) policy and assign it to roles within the organization.
  • Automate provisioning of external users. Add business partners to your secure RMS communication environment without requiring them to be added to a domain within your enterprise’s internal active directory.
  • Dashboard. Provides a graphical snapshot of current RMS status.
  • Reporting. Track users and documents, and view reports of authorized and authorized attempts to view content.
  • Revoke content. Revoke access to RMS-protected content instantly.
  • Added granularity for email control. Control printing, copying, expiration and saving.
  • File types. Use GigaTrust to protect additional file types such as PDF, HTML and image files.
Product benefits:
  • Policy decisions can be delegated downward within the enterprise to accommodate different needs of different departments or individuals.
  • Providing centralized control for mistakenly shared or no longer relevant content.
  • Reporting that provides for trends information as well as potential trouble spots
  • Audit trails that provide accountability and verification of policy creation and enforcement.
  • System alerts and dashboard adds an additional level of visibility and control.
The challenge of securing content is global. The technology solution is available now. The answer is GigaTrust Enterprise Plus. Persistently protect your sensitive information-wherever it travels, however it’s used.

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